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One of my earliest memories is going to a newsagents on a Saturday morning and choosing a Marvel comic as a treat. (I do read other publishers...)

I've been making comcs for as long as I can remember, from my school days onwards, and am now published in The 77, Sentinel and Lobzilah, as well as zines and journals around the globe. I also publish my own comics.

Comics are a wonderful way of telling a story, and can make complicated issues and ideas easier to understand. I love being able to do this and help others whilst I'm doing it.

What's more they're great fun to read!

Contents are Copyright Morgan Gleave unless otherwise noted.

The Tempered Curse

© Dave Bedford and Morgan Gleave

Freestyle Saved My Life MC Spacecat and DJ Tyrone

SKATE WORM - The Beginning
© Smith, Conan and Gleave

Basic Training

Lobzilah - King of the Lobsters
© Van Starr Productions